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ARGO is more than the name of a company and the machines we ride: It’s also the culmination of what’s possible when talented, inspired people are set free in a professional workplace with the goal to produce the ultimate extreme terrain vehicles.

Honesty, mutual respect and commitment are the pillars upon which our business is based. Our pursuit of excellence is to be evident in our actions, our products and our services.

Customer satisfaction is the common goal of all our employees.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products and our services.

We believe in the dignity, worth and fair treatment of our employees. We respect our employees as the most important contributors to our success and we foster their personal development through education and promotions from within.

We are committed to our environmental and social responsibilities.


Top of the line. Top notch. Top of its class. No matter how you describe the Aurora, it tops this year’s ARGO lineup. The Aurora is the premium platform for ARGO with its long list of superior technology and must-have features, including impressive EFI horsepower, Admiral transmission with ARGO Progressive Steering (APS), 25″ tires with 9″ Steel Offset AirLock™ rims, sleek automotive-quality gauges, dual headlights and Roll Over Protective Structure. If you want the ultimate in high performance, the Aurora 950 SX-R will be one of your top choices.


Plastic Tracks

General purpose, 13” (330 mm) wide or medium duty 18” (457 mm) wide, impact resistant, light weight segmented thermoplastic rubber tracks with integrated track guides.

Rubber Tracks

Heavy duty 18” (457 mm) wide rubber track provides optimum flotation with minimal ground pressure. Exceptional traction. Lightweight durable construction

HD Rubber Tracks

Xtreme duty 18” (457 mm) wide rubber track with UHMW-PE guides, reinforced turf tire and rim provides optimum flotation with minimal ground pressure.

HD Quad Rubber Tracks

Xtreme duty 18” (457 mm) wide rubber track with UHMW-PE guides, reinforced turf tire and rim provides optimum flotation with minimal ground pressure.


Scratch-resistant acrylic in an aluminum frame, features fold over hinge for storage and a mounting location for the optional windshield wiper accessory.

Windshield Wiper

Complete with everything needed to assemble and fit to your ARGO windshield. Wiper motor mounts quickly and easily.

Convertible Top

Protects all occupants or cargo from outdoor elements. Converts from a full enclosure to bimini top by removing all sides.

Convertible Half Top

Protects driver and passenger from outdoor elements. Features removable side and rear doors, allowing easy access to the rear cargo compartment area.


Stylish and functional; body, lights and winch are protected from brush. Offers a mounting location for extra fog lights.


The handrails securely mount to the upper body used as a hand hold for rear passengers, or a convenient tie down point to secure rear cargo.

Fog Lights

Mounts directly to the brushguard. Provides added illumination in poor visibility due to rain, fog, dust or snow.

Brake/Tail Lights

Be seen. Brake/tail lights provide an extra level of safety while trail riding at night. Illuminated when the headlights are on and signals drivers

Dump Box

For moving bulk loads over broken terrain, this solid steel dump box handles payloads up to 1,000 lb. (450 kg).

Rear Bench Seat

Frame mounted, forward facing rear bench seat provides additional seating for 2 passengers. The bench seat can be removed quickly

Storage Tote

Sits conveniently in the rear cargo area, providing 38 gal. of lockable dry stowage for tools and supplies.

Hood Rack

Provides extra stowage for packs and gear for long hunting trips, or it can serve as a convenient space for bringing home smaller game.

Gas Can Holder

Adjustable gas can holder mounted at the rear of the vehicle. Designed to accept a wide variety of Jerry cans.

Tire Holder

Easy to install. Convenient spare tire holder mounts to rear of vehicle. Accepts both 24” (610 mm) and 25” (635 mm) ARGO tires.

Universal Mounting System

Quick change universal mount . The sub frame holds up to 750 lb. (340 kg); bolts directly to main chassis offering a secure structure for third party equipment.

Snow Plow

81” (2 m) wide steel blade features multi-angle positions. Attaches to front bearing extension housings.

Fire Skid/Foam Unit

Custom designed to fit into the rear compartment of any 8×8 Frontier or Avenger, the 80 gal. (303 L) fire suppression unit holds 75 gal.

Emergency Lighting Package

A multitude of options to light up your Responder vehicle. Choose from red and white perimeter strobe lighting, overhead spot lights, front mounted siren/speaker & strobe.

Fold Down Light Bar

Support structure that provides users with option of adding one revolving light (Whelen L31 red beacon – 850-305) and two spotlights (Whelen PAR 23 LED spotlights – 850-307) in ….

Stretcher Ferno #9

To be used with ARGO Frame Assembly. Cannot be used with Suspension Seats or Handrails.

Argo - Fire Fighting

The Argo can come equipped with fire fighting accessories

Argo - Military